I’m one of those endangered creatures — a fine artist. You don’t see ’em around much anymore. Paint on canvas, bricks and mortar, words on paper,  ‘legacies’ are struggling but they’re far from dying. They’re still around because they’re worth preserving and renewing. Besides, somebody has to do it and it might as well be me.

Photo by Charles Maurer

I’m self-taught. I learned to paint and draw by reading and experimenting – and of course from practice, practice, practice.  I also started early, which helps. A kind soul gave me a set of oil paints when I was eleven and I never really put the stuff away. I got sidetracked at university, studying music and English when I might’ve been better off at an art college getting the basics of my future profession. But no regrets. I still play the piano (Chopin, Beethoven, Bach) and read a book a week, mostly non-fiction.

I’ve been a graphic designer, advertising agency creative director and freelance magazine writer. I also worked in the newspaper business for many years as a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist and arts writer. 

I’ve just finished a stint as co-chair of the art committee of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto — birthplace of the Group of Seven. It’s a lovely, welcoming haven for writers, actors, musicians and visual artists.

You can read some of my writing on my Blog page.

I can be reached at 647-521-9358.


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