I’m a Toronto oil painter. I think visual art, whether abstract, realistic or impressionistic is based on the same principles of form, colour and texture. Done well, they can all be equally compelling. I’ve done a fair bit of abstract work but my true love is painting the things that surround us — the astonishingly  beautiful world that we all share. It would be a shame to ignore it.

Below is a selection of my paintings. The ones without red dots are still available. Click on any image to enlarge it.


Please contact me if you’d like to commission a portrait:

 A quick portrait sketch in oil on canvas.

Video by Chloe King

Landscapes and Still Lifes



One thought on “Paintings

  1. Hi Alan
    Just met you tonight at the opening of your show. As I related to you earlier, I saw the show this past Saturday and decided to return to the opening to meet you. I suppose, at some point we can engage in some discourse around art and art-making, that is, if time is in your favour. Your work is quite nice indeed.

    Leroy Stapleton


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