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“A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.”  Oscar Wilde.

Well, that was Wilde being his usual waggish self. Women’s lives are written on their faces too, just a little more artfully.  All our faces, like it or not, eventually turn into self-sculpted biographies.

I paint portraits, lots of them. I’ve been doing it for years and, yes, there are people whose faces are a mask. But the mask usually reveals as much as it hides. A good portrait artist, whether a painter or a photographer, will try to look behind it and capture the subject’s character: his or her intelligence, willfulness, humour, humility. The essential person will be revealed using the simple tools of brush, oil and canvas.

It’s a lot to ask. But you only have to look at portraits painted by the great masters – Rembrandt, Annigoni, Sargent – to know that it can be done. There are artists working today whose skill and insight are only a few brushstrokes away. I’m not there yet, but with each painting I get a little closer.

Prices start at $600.00. Please contact me if you’re thinking of having a portrait painted. No pressure. We can chat about why you want it done or perhaps kick around another of Wilde’s famous aphorisms, “Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit.”


3 thoughts on “People

  1. Hi Alan
    Just met you tonight at the opening of your show. As I related to you earlier, I saw the show this past Saturday and decided to return to the opening to meet you. I suppose, at some point we can engage in some discourse around art and art-making, that is, if time is in your favour. Your work is quite nice indeed.

    Leroy Stapleton


  2. Hi Alan,
    30 years ago I bought aa aquarel painting from the Norfolk broards. Do You have made aquarells in the past? Its signed by Alan King.


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