Is it me, or does the title of best picture Academy Award from a few months ago now seem weirdly prophetic. ‘Parasite’? I get that it’s a metaphor for the 1% of people who float atop the capitalist wave pool (or the remoras who swim beneath them). But it also works as a label forContinue reading “PARASITE”

Numbskull Narcissists

“Of course, we are not the only nation to be conducting an interesting social experiment to determine what happens if you elect a clinical narcissist to run a country which later turns out to be facing grave danger. At this stage, the US’s experiment appears to be going rather worse, and you certainly wouldn’t ruleContinue reading “Numbskull Narcissists”

‘Conrad Black’s Whitewash’ from Private Eye Magazine (June 2019)

“This completes the destruction of the spurious prosecution of me. It’s a complete final decision of a not guilty. That is finally a fully just verdict.” No surprise that this was the verdict of convicted fraudster Conrad Black on his presidential pardon earlier this month from his old pal, fellow former Palm Beach resident andContinue reading “‘Conrad Black’s Whitewash’ from Private Eye Magazine (June 2019)”

Edmund Burke at Miami Basel

A couple of quotes: “Art is a conspiracy between artists and rich people to make poor people feel stupid.” That’s from Kurt Vonnegut. And this from Robert Hughes, the late, great art critic for Time magazine: “Art prices are largely about voyeurism and toxic snobbery. They are what you see when you peer up theContinue reading “Edmund Burke at Miami Basel”

Fossil Hunters by Alan King

Science fiction writer H G Wells didn’t know the half of it. Time travel sometimes takes more than just imagination and clever engineering; it can take a lot of arduous footwork, the kind that gets you up to 7,500 feet above sea level. Unlike Wells’ lucky Time Traveller who was effortlessly zapped millions of years intoContinue reading “Fossil Hunters by Alan King”

The Man Who Mistook His Life for a Notebook

I have a confession to make. I’ve read just about every word Oliver Sacks ever wrote and, God knows, the man wrote a lot. Yes, I know it sounds like an unhealthy interest in medical literature — borderline OCD. But it’s not like I’ve read all of Sherwin Nolan or Jerome Groopman or Atul GawandeContinue reading “The Man Who Mistook His Life for a Notebook”